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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gold Coast Permaculture Thank You Day

A `Thank You Day' in which the many people, community groups and government agencies involved in the development of Gold Coast Permaculture were thanked was very special and a reminder to all of the core values of Permaculture, care of the land, care of the people and redistribution of surplus.

The urban farm and demonstration plot at 270 Ferry Road is an example of what is possible when dead soil is renewed with permaculture methods in an urban setting. It has also become an inspiration for many to begin their own adventure in food growing.

Permaculture principles and diverted waste streams such as aquatic weeds and wood chip from the Gold Coast City Council have created rich soil from which strong food is harvested.

And now also the beginning of a wider voice for Gold Coast Permaculture with the extension of their urban farm to 3000 square meters at the Carrara Markets.

Thank You Gold Coast Permaculture for creating a new vision for food on Australia's Gold Coast.


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