Saturday, November 17, 2012

Growing & Cooking Subtropical Perennials at Gold Coast Permaculture

Growing and cooking subtropical perennials was the topic of today's workshop at Gold Coast Permaculture and it was another inspirational day.

These special foods, part of the world's oldest gardens are both resilient and nutritious and far exceed kale and brassicas in their nutrient densities.

They are also more water and energy efficient and not attractive to predators.

Justin introduced a full range of these plants including Ceylon Spinach and The Drumstick Plant and gave information on each plant.

He showed us propagation and growing methods as well as suggested uses for each plant.

Justin also reminded us of the Brazilian saying, `Sick soil, sick plants, sick people'.

These tough resilient plants have created healthy communities throughout time and I can see will now be giving many people renewed health.

Next Vanessa showed us ways to cook these subtropical perennials.

We were introduced to new concepts in food preparation.

Each of us was then given the chance to make our own Tapioca pancake.

Vanessa had prepared a delicious salad, falafal balls, and several exotic sauces using subtropical perennials and each person put these inside the pancake they had made.

Everyone agreed the pancakes were delicious and filling.

This very special introduction to a new way of eating was finished off with Vanessa's special cassava cake.

The future of food is looking very exciting.


Laura said...

You opened my eyes to something new. Thanks so much. (Sure would've liked to have tasted that food:)

Greenearth said...

It was just such beautiful tasting food. So pleased to have been able to share these exciting new directions.