Sunday, November 18, 2012

Simple Ways to Go Green with SEW

Monday 19th November saw the second meeting of Gold Coast's new women's group SEW (Smart Empowered Women).

The group meets every second Monday morning at Gold Coast Permaculture, 270 Ferry Rd between 10 and 12.

This is an open group with no charge, but participants are asked to bring a plate for morning tea.

Today the group was participating in The One Million Women Campaign and as well as discussing the many climate action concepts presented on The One Million Women site and they had plenty of innovative ideas of their own to contribute.

Household cleaning was one area of discussion with toxic cleaning products definitely out for this group with members using bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and Epsom salts to create cleanliness.

Some ideas were bicarb and white vinegar for both cleaning toilets and drains, bicarb in wardrobes to  stop mold and a paste of bicarb to clean the oven.

White vinegar and hot water was stated as  great for cleaning floor tiles, and for giving both the washing machine and dishwasher a good clean, with a cycle of white vinegar and hot water apparently removing any scum buildup.

One of the members shared her recipe for a simple washing powder.

 It is one third of a cup of grated sunlight soap and one third of a cup of washing soda mixed with a regular household bucket of water.

This creates 12 milk cartons of liquid clothes washing soap, an environmentally friendly and inexpensive solution that leaves her with water she is happy divert to her garden.

She also adds Epsom Salts for a rinse aid and her plants get some much needed magnesium in our mineral deficient soils.

Another great idea suggested was a cut onion in about a centimeter or half inch of water to remove  smells and toxins from household air.

Lots of good ideas shared, some great herbal tea direct from Gold Coast Permaculture's rich soil, a tasty morning tea and inspiring and innovative company.

With women like these I can see our planet beginning its healing journey.

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