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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saying Good Bye to My Permaculture Food Forest

A large fire at the house next door has caused work to be required on my home.

Here is a video of the fire, the letterbox belongs to my home. The experts have been called in and my garden requires to be cleared of all debris.

Have asked for any trees that can be saved to be put in pots, but they have said they cannot guarantee what will be left.

 Here is a blog I did on my Food Forest about a year ago.  Loved every plant in this garden and now it will all need to be created again.

Last winter I had a nitrogen fixing tree removed from the bottom of my garden.

The tree was mulched and a no dig garden built from the tree.

Now where the tree created shade a food forest is flourishing.

This paw paw tree rescued from an abandoned garden has its first crop of fruit, okra plants supply regular meals and am about to harvest the first arrowroot tubers.

And at the bottom of the new food forest area Drumstick Trees continue to grow among the sweet potatoes and pumpkins, while a turmeric flower brings beauty to the sea of green.

This post is part of Hookin Up With HOH, and Fight Back Friday.

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Greenearth said...

My wonderful friends at Gold Coast Permaculture are going to help me rebuild this garden. So kind of them and am already looking forward to this adventure.