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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Breast Cancer, Fire and Decontamination

What a journey this has been.

The shock of looking out my bedroom window to see a blazing inferno and then the post fire fallout which required me to be away from home while the inside and outside of my house were decontaminated and also my car.

 The decontamination issue is still ongoing as my soil has yet to be tested and my grounds signed off.

The delay over this matter is very frustrating as require insurance approval to proceed.

Have had advice from an asbestos expert and a soil expert to leave my garden until after the soil testing and the whole place is looking very uncared for.

As you can see in the photos half of my driveway was dug out and replaced with gravel because of asbestos pieces.

 So many matters to be rectified.

Meanwhile I work each day to stay healthy after the three separate breast cancers.

Taking liquid chlorophyll has become routine as I work to detox from whatever I have been exposed to during and after the fire.

The cleaning company that cleaned my home assured me they used nothing harsher than white vinegar, and that their detoxification processes were based on the same natural principles allow half pealed onions placed but not covered in water to remove contaminants from the air.

Exercise is also part of my health  regime and am now back exercising at my gym.

Have continued to live as chemical free a life as I can following all the guidelines I have shared in previous posts.

Wish so much it was possible to live in an all natural world but as the fire has taught me our current world is unpredictable and chemical exposures are so often not under our control.

My passion to be part of creating a healthier world has been reignited by this fire.

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Rambling Woods said...

Oh so heartbreaking after all you've done. I'm glad that the cleaning company was careful. I hope the garden soil will be too... Michelle