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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Food Garden Memories

I so loved what I had created in my food garden.

Over three years of steady work had transformed an empty land into something that was providing wonderful organic food.

But then the asbestos house next door exploded in flames and now I have to wait for soil testing before I can continue to garden.

I pray I can recreate a healthy garden once more.

These images are from my garden before the fire.

The trees along the entrance to my garden were removed and the soil along half of my drive replaced with gravel.

This was done without consultation with me.

It is simply now an ugly mess.

Each tree, each plant in this garden was planted with love and it is heartbreaking that it is now so destroyed.

I look forward to recreating something that can produce healthy food again, but as all gardeners know this takes time and money.

Sometimes I just feel so angry over all of this.

Hopefully my insurance claim will be resolved soon and rebuilding will be able to happen again.

1 comment:

Rambling Woods said...

This is what I remember..Oh no such toxic stuff. I would be angry. How could you not be? But I know it isn't good for your health..sending you strength....Michelle