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Sunday, January 13, 2013

SEW Smart Empowered Women on The Gold Coast

SEW stands for Smart Empowered Women and is an open group meeting each Monday fortnight between 10 and 12 at Gold Coast's Permaculture's Urban Farm at 270 Ferry Rd.

Women of all ages can attend and children are welcomed.

Today saw the first meeting for the new year and the topics for discussion were microbusiness and blogging.

So many women would like to start a business but are not sure how to go about it.

The informed discussion at today's meeting imparted both practical knowledge and confidance.

Plans of action were clarified and contact details exchanged.

Blogging was also discussed and even the more experienced in this field learned something new from fellow group members.

Future topics for discussion at the SEW Group include

28/1  Biodynamics and  Moon Planting.

11/2  The Yeskandoo Campaign to eliminate plastic usage and upcycling (the process of converting waste or useless products into products of environmental value).

25/2  Non-Violent Communication or Compassionate Communication

11/3 Cooking without gluten

25/3 Home made Beauty Products

8/4  Soap making and Herbal Recipes

22/4 Herbs and Worms

6/5 Survival Skills- Knots and Camp Cooking

20/5 Healthy Cleaning Products

3/6 Probiotics & Fermenting - Yoghurt & Sauerkrauts

The atmosphere under the mango tree at Gold Coast Permaculture is relaxed and friendly and with a welcoming cup of herbal tea from the garden and delicious treats brought by all, SEW meetings are an enjoyable way to connect and learn.

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Great idea...and important..Michelle