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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breast Cancer and Food

So much new research linking hormone disrupting chemicals and breast cancer.

A new article at the The Organic Consumers' Site gives information on a new study demonstrating that glyphosate-based herbicides tested are more toxic than the glyphosate used in them.

The reason for this is that the additional materials or adjuvants used to assist glyphosate to penetrate plants or be more stable have not been considered when deciding their toxicity.

 Adjuvants such as those of the POE-15 family (polyethoxylated tallowamine) have now been revealed as actively toxic to human cells, and must be regulated as such.

 The study concludes that the complete formulations of glyphosate-based herbicides require testing in long-term studies, and that a revision of their regulatory process based on the new awareness of their toxicity is required.

Meanwhile as a breast cancer survivor I will attempt to grow my own food or eat organic.

The salad above is for dinner tonight and includes a medley of what I know to be herbicide free plants from the local community garden.

The more I read of the latest research and the closer I look at labels in the supermarket the less I am surprised by articles such as this recent one in Marie Claire, Twice As Many Young Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Than 30 Years Ago.

There is now a link on the side of my site accessing a comprehensive list of chemicals found in the food we buy.

Need to sit down and look at it myself in more depth to reconsider many foods I have assumed were not affected by toxic or hormone disrupting chemicals.

Modern Food is certainly one of the factors in the increase in breast cancer and it is time for all of us to be part of the change.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday.

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