Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aweganic Gardens, Organic Food & Permaculture in Darwin

Aweganic Gardens is a special organic garden in Darwin from which health giving permaculture food can be obtained.

 This is the project of someone my community garden hold very dear.

The derivation of the name of this project is clear when you read the quote in this photo from the the philosopher Emerson.

From what was a bare plot of ground permaculture methods have been used to create an abundance of health giving foods.

These new foods can be sourced at  Aweganic Gardens, and local markets and shops.

Permaculture methods have been applied to create both variety and abundance in the seasonal Darwin conditions.

The recent rainy season saw the swales doing a magnificent job dispersing heavy rains and allowing the crops to not only survive but to prosper in what were at times cyclonic conditions.

With Global Warming creating a need for new ways to look at our food sources Aweganic Gardens is showing us the way towards a secure and rich food future.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday.


Rambling Woods said...

I like this 'Fight Back Friday' and your post is perfect for it.. Michelle

tom jerry said...

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ARSHE BONY said...

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I can`t make that rally (Jean)....I don`t need any information on the HST, perhaps I can attend a future rally, I did partake in last night`s phone town hall meeting with Adrian..