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Monday, March 11, 2013

Gluten Free Cooking & Sharing Ideas for a Better World with SEW

                                                          Another morning of sharing ideas for a better world at SEW.

This is a women's  group that meets at 10am each second Monday under the Mango Tree at Gold Coast Permaculture and is open to all.

The topic for this meeting was gluten free cooking and after a great introduction to why gluten fee cooking is important by the resident nutrition student Lois introduced us to a comprehensive range of alternate grains and some very scrumptious recipes which were sampled as we listened.

A great way to learn.

A fantastic handout of just the very best gluten free recipes for all to try, a big thank you Lois.

 Ann Marie then introduced us to ways to adapt recipes to make them gluten free.

Some great concepts here as well, for example did you know that purslane that common garden weed identified by its yellow flowers can be used to thicken instead of flour.

Grapeseed oil was suggested as a great alternative to butter in a recipe and coconut and almond flour can be used 50/50 as a nutritious alternative to white flour.

If mixture is too thick an extra egg can be added.

Commercial baking powder with its additives can be replaced with creme of tarter and bicarb in the ratio of 2/1.

 One of the ladies offered the suggestion of using ground sunflower seeds instead of almond flour for those needing to be nut free.

Another suggested a few bay leaves added to alternate grains when cooking could stop any flatulence.

A pinch of aesofotida when cooking dahl also achieves the same results as a few bay leaves.

So much to learn to live a better way and great to be able to share the journey.

Next meeting making your own natural skin care.

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