Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nature's Vision Spreading Environmental Awareness While Fundraising

Nature's Vision enables you to spread environmental awareness while fundraising with a range of Green fundraising ideas.

 With a growing awareness of the urgency of protecting our planet, successful fundraising gives greater satisfaction for all when incorporating the environment as part of the package.

 With the aid of Nature's Vision you can promote environmental awareness and help raise money for environmental causes while fundraising for your school or organization.

 Nature’s Vision works with four environmental organizations; Rainforest Preservation, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. program, The Humane Society and the World Wildlife Fund, each of whom work hard to make our planet a cleaner and safer place.

 All of these organizations offer so much towards creating a better world, but I must confess my personal passion is Rainforest Preservation, and the designs on their tee shirts spread with clarity a vision of a world we need to retain.

The catalogs are full of so many inspiring items, sellers will be able to speak with excitement as they approach friends and family about their fundraising cause, and all who have been involved with successful fundraising know the need of this inspiration in their volunteers.

 With carefully selected items communicating a sense of what our planet could, be the purchaser will have the added joy of sharing a vision of a better planet.

We are losing a world of color and light as our environment fades with carelessness, but each item in Nature's Vision catalog rekindles a feeling of hope and an awareness of what our world could be.

Your organizations may be needing funding, but our world needs inspiration, and working together with Nature's Vision this can be achieved.

 For your fundraising you can see products here that can make for a successful outcome for both you and our planet.

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