Sunday, March 24, 2013

Permaculture, Makeup and Healing with SEW

Networking and Sharing Ideas for a better planet makes for an enjoyable morning at Gold Coast Permaculture 270 Ferry Road each second Monday.

The next 10am gathering of SEW (Strong Empowered Women) is Soap Making and herbal remedies on April 8th and all are welcome.

Today inspired by Raw for Beauty's  special chart featured below of ingredients to avoid in beauty and skin care products I took the floor and lead a discussion on the dangers to be found in personal care products.

It was the first time I have shared my new philosophy of if you don't know what an ingredient is put the product back on the shelf.

With many beauty care products it may be a good idea to take along a magnifying glass when purchasing as the list of ingredients can be in very small print.

Several members make their own beauty products and we are looking forward to learning more about these.

General discussion concluded the environment was a minefield of unregulated chemicals which had the potential to effect the health of not just the individual but the planet.

Sitting amongst the rich food foliage of Gold Coast Permaculture all around was an alternative vision for a healthy planet.

Thank you also Ann Maree for your successful first public speaking debut and sharing with us your personal healing journey.

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