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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Varsity Lakes Community Garden, The Vision Grows

Varsity Lakes Community Garden was established with vision.

Many of plantings gifted by the original designers of the garden were not known by members.

But a new way of growing food had been set in place and as the plants started to flourish in their often difficult terrains a new understanding of what is suited to our climate started to unfold.

 Plants such as the the Grumichama or Brazilian Cherry, the Jaboticaba, the Midyim Berry and sweet little cherry quavas quietly grew along the back fence until one by one their sweet predator free fruit came to be noticed by members.

As other plants wilted and withered during the harsh Queensland summer the Cocoyams, Taro and Cassava grew tall and strong amidst a variety of  sweet potatoes, Brazilian and Ceylon Spinach, Society Garlic and Comfrey.

Several  gardeners from New Guinea were familiar with many of these plantings and shared their knowledge including recipes and growing tips.

The unfamiliar was becoming familiar and these new exciting foods were becoming known and accepted as everyday foods by members.

An exciting vision for our food future was unfolding.

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Rambling Woods said...

How nice that those plants did well.. Michelle