Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Autumn Plantings at Varsity Vegies Community Garden

The long hot summer is finally drawing to a close and now is time for time for the autumn plantings at Varsity Vegies community garden where I am a member.

Before the serious planting some time to peruse  current garden projects.

Sheila and Judy admire Judy's special hand painted toilet bowl a great place to keep the mint contained, and Julie checks some of the current crop of bananas.

And now down to the serious business of building some creative supports for the new bean bed.

Yes that is me welding a hammer and below the almost finished structure.

Beans of all sizes and colors were planted and also peas, broccoli and beetroot.

It might look like we're just having fun but serious work is taking place and Sheila, Judy and myself have the wheelbarrows to  prove it.

Lots of other great crops also planted in the raised beds and now we look forward to a bountiful winter harvest.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday and Real Food Wednesday

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