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Monday, April 22, 2013

Healing Herbs & Living Soil Amidst Urban Agriculture at SEW

The fortnightly Sew meeting amidst the urban agriculture at Gold Coast Permaculture was an informative morning learning about `Healing Herbs' and `Living Soil'.

Dan (in the brown teeshirt) who runs the nursery at Gold Coast Permaculture shared his wonderful knowledge.

His interest in herbs began when he discovered he was able to heal his own swollen limbs with a cream created by grinding borage leaves with water and applying a bandage on  the area overnight.

He shared a wealth of healing information with us all and a visit to his nursery is well worth while to discover his many herbs and their healing potential.

Greg from Wormtec also inspired with his powerful ways to renew soil without harmful chemicals.

He explained to us soil biology and how this biology can be brought back to life using Natural Organic Fertilizers and Worm Derived Soil Improvers.

Food from impoverished soil is itself impoverished and with products such as Greg creates the soil is once more renewed and creates strong healthy food for strong healthy bodies.

Both today's speakers were inspiring and the next meet fortnight's meeting (10 to 12am at Gold Coast Permaculture 270 Ferry Road) will be introducing survival skills.

With the wild weather we have had on the Gold Coast this summer I for one am looking forward to this knowledge sharing.

All are welcome, just bring a plate and yourself and look forward to lots of friendly company and great food and cups of herbal teas generously served as you listen by our very special Lyn.  

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