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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Healing My Wounded Soil

Although the frangipane and lavender outside my old bedroom window have come back to life my driveway and its beautiful privacy plants were destroyed due to the fire next door.

But finally after much negotiation over who pays what restoration has begun.

Yesterday an excavator removed the gravel which was carelessly placed over just half of my driveway and replaced it with concrete gravel which was then compacted.

Today a garden bed was made along the fence using a wood border and material to stop further leakage of my soil into the property next door.

Holes were then dug for twelve hedging plants, ten lily pillies or syzgium australe and two Acemas which are also native plants which have fire protection qualities.

The Acemas have been planted at each end.

The lily pillies already have red edible fruits and the Acemas berries are also edible.

Gypsum, water crystals and bactivate a material that activates the soil microbes were added to each hole and the trees planted.

Organic soil and mulch were then added.

Just a little finishing off to do tomorrow morning but am so excited to be restoring my garden.

There was even some organic soil over to fill containers for propagations and vegetable plantings.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday.

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