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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Honey Naturally Saving Our Food Supply with Bees

Bees have been disappearing mysteriously since the 2000s creating concerns about the future of the world's food supply.

Today I am excited to share I have been able to become part of the solution.

Charles from Honey Naturally has placed a hive in my garden.

Neither my neighbor or myself use harmful chemicals in our gardens and there is bush behind my property so am looking forward to healthy thriving bees.

The hive is a Warre Hive which allows the bees to create their own honey combs and which are believed to create healthier bees and honey.

The bees create their honey comb on wooden frames which hang vertically  in the hives.

It was fascinating watching the process of installing the hive.

Smoke was used to calm the bees.

Bees not already on the frames were placed on the white sheet to make their own way into the hive.

Some bees from another hive were also added and blended well with the established bees.

A layer of wax on the wooden frames is added to begin the bees creating the honeycombs.

With the knowledge that local honey is great for fighting seasonal allergies I am really looking forward to tasting some of the honey made from these special little bees.

The bees will also aid pollination in my garden and give me more bountiful harvests.

It does feel good being part of the solution of keeping our bees and our food supply healthy and productive.

Here is a great article from Honey Naturally with further information on my very special new bees



chuckles said...

Hello Winsome

What a wonderful garden in which to have a hive. We will ensure the bees thrive there and provide you and your neighbours with some delicious cold pressed artisan honey.

Cheers Charles

Iqbal Hossain said...

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