Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nutritious Food from the Garden

Finally eating nutritious food from my garden.

These well munched beds are against the wall on the other side from the fire.

Kale and Brazilian Spinach have been abundant with the continuing rains.

Also growing here a small custard apple or soursop tree nurtured from seed, heritage raspberries and some strawberry plants.

The other side of my garden, the area beside the fire has been given an official all clear after the asbestos fire and the unending heavy rain continues to cleanse  but I want to totally renew  the soil there before further food plantings.

More on that in further posts.

Meanwhile am enjoying the non fire side of the garden which is full of surprises such as this second crop of mulberries.

The pigeon peas are about to crop again and the sweet potato runners will soon be harvested and planted in mounds for a bumper winter crop.

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday

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