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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food Security Plants & Permaculture Methods Create Ongoing Nutritious Food

There is always delicious, nutritious food at my home with food security plants and gardening using permaculture methods.

For lunch today my own homegrown pigeon pea pate on organic kamut bread, with a selection of garden herbs followed by a cup of green tea and a SO delicious banana grown at my local community garden.

Had so many pigeon peas last year froze some of the green peas, and earlier this week decided to soak them overnight, rinse them, add new water and  cook with turmeric and black pepper, place them in the blender with some raw garlic, put in a glass jar, cover with olive oil and a delicious pate was born.

   A real variety of delicious fresh greens as well for this weekends meals and lots of kale included thanks to the generosity of a fellow community gardener, who also gave me a generous helping of red peppers which he suggested I freeze to have an ongoing supply.

The greens are in water in glass jars which I then put it the fridge. This hydrates them and keeps them fresh and crunchy.

When food is grown and shared in the right spirit there is always more than enough for all.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday.

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