Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Bees, Community Garden and Food Security

Wednesday mornings is get together morning at Varsity Lakes Community Garden and even the bees from my hive are in on the act, busy gathering pollen from the Basil Bushes.

Here is June picking chokos from the vine she has cultivated, and another member busy tending to her plot amongst her sunflowers.

And yes that is me beneath the scarecrow, digging for sweet potatoes in the raised garden where I planted them.

And here is the raised garden with the newly planted sweet potato runners for our next crop.

Lots of willing helpers to assist with the new plantings which were planted using the New Guinea method (thank you Monica) of folding runners and planting the looped runners together in the top of a mound.

Great radishes ready in another of the raised gardens and then a welcome cup of tea and the sharing of a rather unusual carrot.

Creating food security can be fun when it is done together.

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