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Friday, June 14, 2013

First Straw Bale Gardening in Permaculture Food Forest

My first straw bale gardening, and am so looking forward to seeing how the plants grow using this method.

My neighbors suggested fruit trees on our boundary but the soil is difficult there, so placed two bales of sugar cane mulch where I wanted to plant, watered them thoroughly, dug three holes, added a mixture of soil and compost, and planted three paw paws.

Gave them a good soaking with seaweed emulsion and am waiting to see how they grow.

Decided to place the remaining four bales of sugar cane mulch in my food forest area.

Planted these by the same method except of course the holes were smaller and watered the bales after I dug the holes not before (easier on the gardening gloves).

Next plan to plants sweet potato runners at the end of each bale again using a mixture of compost and soil.

With the bees and renewed soil look forward to more bounty like that of the passion fruit and pumpkins already growing at the bottom of my garden.

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