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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Permaculture Plants Survive Nature's Harshest Conditions

The flames were so intense from the fire next door they melted the windows and sensor lights and destroyed the paint above these plants but the plants have survived nature's harshest conditions and come back to life with full flourish.

If you look closely at the frangipane you will see the outer skin has been burnt on the branches but still the plant is healthy and creating strong leaves and beautiful flowers.

The lavender, the lemon grass, the aloe vera, the five spice, the nasturtiums,  and even the passion fruit have all come back to life in their permaculture soil.  

One of my special neighbors was even cultivating a frangipane for me to replant as it was not seen how trees could survive such intense heat, but they did.

Strong soil created using permaculture methods gave these plants the strength to come back to life after the harshest conditions nature could provide.

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