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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rebuilding Permaculture Food Forest

Finally rebuilding the Food Forest directly beside the house that burnt down next door.

Amazingly only one tree, a newly planted pomegranate died due to the fire.

With a season of torrential rainfall directly after the fire all the plantings have not only survived but grown stronger.

The food forest area of the garden also had many vegetable plantings.

I have not removed these plantings but covered them with approximately six inches of sugar cane mulch. 

The sugar cane mulch was then sprinkled with rock dust which was well watered in.

I am also now digging my food scraps into this covering to further add to the mix of the new soil being created.

I am hoping the many active participants of the food web already nurtured in my garden will soon create rich soil for new plantings.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday.

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