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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creating Food Garden with Organic Sugar Cane Bales

One of my special gardening friends friends introduced me to the concept of creating garden beds using organic sugar cane bales.

I buy the bales in bulk from a local farmer and this is the second load I have purchased.

I explained in an earlier post  how I used sugar cane mulch to rebuild soil damaged from the house fire next door.

The results so impressed I ordered twenty more bales and created further new soil areas for garden plantings.

Basically you place the bales where you want to plant and dig holes in the bales.

Seedlings are then planted in these holes using a mixture of compost and potting mix.

I then hosed the bales and gave each planting a good feed of seaweed emulsion.
 In the wheelbarrow are Brazilian Cherry or grumichama  (Eugenia brasiliensis) seedlings I have gown from seed.

The Brazilian Cherry produces small sweet black fruits.

There are also some lavender cuttings, a Pepino seedling which will produce delicious little sweet melon fruits, plus a mixture of compost and potting mix.

This was the beginning of the day's plantings.

 Basically I put the bales in areas where I know the soil is the least strong.

With my soil in many areas being a thin layer over clay I wish I had known about what a great soil building tool these bales can be when I started my food garden.

Still  gardening is a constant learning curve and bit by bit my garden is providing me with the nutritious food I wish we all could eat.

This post is part of Food on Fridays.

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Patria William said...

Genius. I hope you can expand your garden a bit more and build it on a bigger surface area. I know it's a hassle to have to search for land space, much less the heavy lifting process to make that land arable, in case it isn't. But you've got a great project going on here that you can apply on a larger canvass. That would be quite something.