Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dinner and Future Harvests in my Permaculture Garden

The Poor Man's Bean or Hyacinth Bean is flourishing at the bottom of my garden with the wet weather. I harvest these while thin, cut off the stringy sides, gently steam and serve with organic olive oil and lime juice.

A few green peppers from my pepper bush add bite to steamed greens.

Juicy yellow passion fruit ripen in my Roseapple  tree, and already Mulberries are forming on the Mulberry Trees.

Lots of flowers on the pigeon peas will soon be delicious pigeon peas I can eat green or dried for dahl.

Am also sprouting these at present. A great additional protein source for vegetarians or vegans.

These nutritious additions to any garden have been cultivated for around 3000 years and add nitrogen from the air to depleted soil.

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