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Monday, July 22, 2013

Food Bounty from the Garden

A weekend of generosity from both my own garden and that of friends makes me say a big thank you for good soil.

The food may not look perfect but it makes up for its appearance in  taste and integrity.

Due to wonderful gardening efforts this table sports a selection of foods I would not be able to buy in the shop.

The spiked cucumbers are the best cucumbers I have ever tasted and with a little apple cider vinegar are especially good on a sandwich.

The bananas and tomatoes are still ripening and also the yellow passion fruit are tastier at this time of year with a few days in the sun.

A few tamarillos left. Thank you Rebecca have already eaten all the ripe ones.

Chokos, dry red peppers, a ripening papaya, a small pumpkin a surprise find at the bottom of the garden and a dry okra ready for planting makeup the mix.

You can get a real variety of food when you work together and garden.

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