Friday, July 26, 2013

Food, Fun & Gardening at Varsity Lakes Community Garden

Four years since the opening of Varsity Lakes Community Garden on Australia's Gold Coast and the garden continues to thrive.

Today on the Garden's birthday members got together to garden, eat and have fun.

A well deserved morning tea with Sheila's delicious ginger and lemon grass tea, and then a special lunch which included music by Greg Plevy of Wormtec's daughter Crystal.

Lots of so delicious food including roast pump soup, just so tasty by Fitzy whose wife gave him a well deserved hug, and a Roast Veg and Brown Rice Salad by Judy.

She gave me her recipe which was roasting zucchini, red and yellow capsicum, red onion, garlic and a fennel bulb and then breaking them into small pieces and adding to brown rice. She added some white vinegar to the vegies after cooking (apple cider vinegar also good) and further flavored with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs including basil, oregano, mint and thyme.

Just so special.

Then Greg talked to all on how to get the best from the soil.

What a great day. Nothing better than a day in the garden with the special nutritious food gardeners create.

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