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Friday, July 5, 2013

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes and Peruvian Ground Apples or Yacon

Finally harvesting my sweet potatoes and Peruvian Ground Apples or  Yac√≥n

The Yacon is a perennial plant traditionally grown in the Northern and Central Andes from Colombia to Northern Argentina for its crisp, sweet-tasting tuberous roots.

As you can see from the photo both sweet potatoes and these delicious Peruvian Ground Apples look alike but the texture is very different.

The Ground Apples are sweet, crunchy and can be eaten raw like an apple or used in salad or stir fries. 

They are low in calories, high in fiber and super nutritious.

The stalks in the bottom corner of my garden belong to the Yacon and I am currently foraging around and picking out the ground apples which are their roots. Once they are fully harvested I will replant the corms that are left behind for next years crop.

Also foraging in my sweet potato mound and removing a few sweet potatoes at a time. Love eating these foods fresh and by taking a few at a time can do that.

Also not quite ready at my home garden to plant out my sweet potato mounds, so this enables me to  keep the  runners alive to later loop together in bunches and plant in the top of new mounds for the next crops.

A dear friend from New Guinea taught me this technique and it creates a very generous harvest.

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