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Your Life in Your Hands: Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer and Ovarian CancerYour Life in Your Hands: Understand, Prevent and Overcome Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer by Jane Plant
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Jane Plant's `Your Life in Your Hands' introduced me to the concept of Breast Cancer Prevention, but one further breast cancer and ovarian cyst later I value very most of her writing but have several points of diversion.

A major point in this book is the hormonal nature of milk and how removing milk from the diet regressed her own cancer. She uses the information on the low rate of breast cancers in isolated areas of Asia where milk is not part of the diet. I agree with her on not having milk in your diet because of its hormonal nature and have no milk in my own diet but these isolated lifestyles were also free of chemicals and reliant on food they grew themselves using physical effort. Their diets were also predominantly plant based and from nutrient rich soils. These factors are also important in creating breast cancer free diets.

A second concept strong in Jane Plant's book where she and I diverge is the inclusion of soy in a breast cancer prevention diet. I have no soy products in my diet. Good organic soy is fine for those who have no breast cancer in their genetics or history, but for the rest of us the estrogenic nature of this product leaves it a high risk food. My own doctor has given it a definite NO.

Other concepts introduced in this book for example the dangers of plastic usage and an awareness of environmental toxins were informative and started my journey towards a changed lifestyle.

Understanding, overcoming and preventing breast cancer is not a simple journey but a beginning of a new way of living not just for the individual but the planet.

They latest science for example that glyphosate used in Roundup the world’s most widely used herbicide is capable of driving estrogen receptor mediated breast cancer cell proliferation within the infinitesimal parts per trillion concentration range is particularly frightening and means continuing Jane Plant's journey in prevention is one of ongoing discernment for all who want to understand, prevent and overcome breast and ovarian cancer.

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