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Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Forest, Compost & Straw Bales

Working at present on rebuilding the soil in my garden and in particular the food forest.

The first step was building the soil up using organic sugar cane bales.

I then dug holes in the bales, added compost and planted seedlings.

Now I am learning these bales need working to become the rich soil I need in my garden and this requires adding further nutrients.

Have had Greg Plevey from Wormtec over to spray the bales with worm extract which contains the benefits of high grade composts and worm castings. This worm extract  includes microbes, nutrients and minerals in plant available forms that rebuild soil health and vitality.

As well as this wonderful input from Greg am also beginning my own composting adventure.

Up to now I have been digging all my food scraps into the garden, but now  have brought a bath tub and with the help of a friend's special worms am attempting to create my own compost.

Am adding all the food scraps, garden cuttings (not weeds), bits of paper without suspicious printing inks and when I feel it requires a boost some extra soil or seaweed emulsion.

So far no bad smells and appears to be breaking down. Getting this mixture right will be a learning curve and its vegan scraps for these worms.

Have brought an old stainless steel sink for growing water chestnuts. Have added a terracotta pot to the pond and planted water spinach or kangkong. Waiting for water to settle and then will also add some guppies (small fish) to eat any mosquito eggs. Have put a slight lean on the sink so the runoff will spill over onto my newly planted Lebanese Cress which thrives in damp shade.

Meanwhile in the rest of the garden the first buds on the avocado that was planted just before the fire. What a tough little tree.

Finally hoping for lemons on the lemon tree which has been slow in budding and here is a closer picture of a straw bale decomposing to become rich soil.

Can never resist the friendly faces of nasturtiums here flowering amongst the passion fruit.

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