Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Soil, Abundance & Generosity

 Good soil, abundance and generosity abound in my friend Rebecca's garden.

The secret to her good soil is the compost she creates in several places in her garden including this raised bed where a variety of compost able items including food scraps, paper and garden cuttings are broken down by her wonderful compost worms.

The vigor of her composting is such she is able to add food and other items many consider not compost able. 

Rebecca is generous with the sharing of her garden, her compost and her abundant harvest.

Her Indian friends share a space in the garden and here she is filling a bag with compost for another friend.

Am trying composting myself at home now and will share that story later on this blog.

Yesterday Rebecca gave me a generous collection of her worms to add to the new bathtub I will be using for my first compost effort.

Hope to achieve the  generous abundance present in this very special garden.

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