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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Learning to Listen to a Garden

Learning to listen to my garden has taken time.

I started off trying to shape my garden but the plants themselves have created a different place from what I perceived my garden would become.

Many of my most successful plants are ones that did not flourish at first and needed to be replanted in different parts of the garden to thrive.

It has been a matter of trial and error to get the soil, moisture and light that enabled their maximum growth.

 The roseapple in particular was slowly dying on my front lawn although I had prepared it the best home possible and feed and watered it regularly.

It sounded the perfect plant to deck the entrance to my garden. Finally I gave up on it and put it at the very bottom of the garden and forgot about it. Today it is the most flourishing of all my trees.

I now move my new trees round the garden in pots before they are finally planted out. I watch where they seem to thrive and then plant them in that position.

It is a real learning curve watching and listening and getting the soil, light and moisture right for each individual planting.

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