Sunday, September 22, 2013

Permaculture Permblitz at Rebeccas

Today a permablitz was organized at my friend Rebecca's place by the Gold Coast Permaculture Permabilitz Team.

What an amazing and hardworking crew.

Cardboard was laid over Rebecca's garden and mulch added on top.

It was a large area to be covered and there were two enormous piles of mulch, but the team persevered and all the mulch was added to the garden by the end of the day, plus a raised bed by the housenfilled with compost and soil to grow food for Rebecca while she recovers from impending hip surgery.

Lots of fun too and a delicious meal prepared for all, plus special herb tea and nibbles for keeping the workers nourished.

Rebecca is always so generous with what she grows in her garden and it was a joy for all to be renewing her garden and nurturing the rich soil from which her abundant food grows.

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