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Friday, October 11, 2013

Solutions Based March Against Monsanto Gold Coast

Under the benevolent guidance of Dennis Stevenson of The Spirit of Christmas the Gold Coast March Against Monsanto today was about finding solutions to a healthier future for all.

Paul Kumack who organizes the Thrive Community Gatherings for change each second Wednesday at Burleigh School gave information on GMO food.

For those interested the group meet this Wednesday at 6.00 for 6.30pm.

He made the point it was difficult to comprehend what was actually happening with these dangerous foods and how many did not want to believe the truth of what was happening.

David Stihl the last speaker is is a lawyer who has also worked in the corporate banking world. His new blog is The Barefoot Lawyers .

He talked about how we were in a period of transitions and how the wisdom of the crowd was now becoming a powerful force.

People present at the meeting will follow up on today through connecting each fort nite at Thrive and creating groups for change.

It is planned that through community ways will be implemented to stop the influence of Monsanto and its GMO food.