Friday, October 18, 2013

Permaculture Perennials Survival Foods for Climate Change

Permaculture Perennials are strong foods that will provide nutrients during the most unpredictable weather.

Vanessa at Gold Coast Permaculture today inspired many to grow these foods in their gardens.

Here she is above telling us about Cassava, how to grow it and how to eat it.

The cake below is her delicious Cassava cake.

In the second photo she explains to us how to recognize the difference between Taro and Coco Yams.

Both of these are nutritious root crops with different water needs.

We learned about the different roles each group of perennial plants can play in our garden.

Inter cropping can create a more efficient use of the soil in your garden.

After a delicious morning tea we received more information on these essential plants and then a guided walk around to see the growing plants.

 So much to learn and so many new plants to grow to make sure there will be food whatever happens to our climate.

Wish I could grow yarrow like this generous plant below

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