Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spring Promise at Varsity Lakes Community Garden

 So much wonderful food being produced my local community garden and we all learn together what grows best in our climate.

So hot so early but spring still brings its promise.

These beautiful white flowers are on the Brazilian Cherry Bushes.

 And in the back corner among the citrus trees the lemons have many small lemons.

 Chris and Judy with a playful Sheila in the background are off to plant some new pumpkin plants in a richly soiled sack.

Meanwhile in my patch it is broad beans and broccoli for dinner.

Judy stands among the wonderful banana forest just inside the front of the garden entrance.

This area has become such a great food forest area.

A lot of effort, a lot of learning, wonderful food and great fun.

I recommend joining a community garden to all.

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