Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why I Drink Matcha DNA Certified Organic Green Tea

Matcha DNA Certified Organic Green Tea  is a delicious organic powdered green tea that offers  the benefits of ten cups of green tea in one healthful cup.

The ability of green tea to cleanse the body make it such an important drink in today's world.

As a breast cancer survivor I try each day to avoid exposure to chemicals that weaken the immune system or create bad estrogens. But to be honest this it is almost impossible to do in today's world.

So I also work constantly to detox and reduce inflammation in my body.

 Green tea is recognized for doing both these things and delicious Matcha DNA Certified Organic Green Tea with ten times the qualities of your ordinary green tea is just what I need before or after a day of contemporary living.

I am sitting here now enjoying its fresh, invigorating taste and feeling the peace of knowing it is such a powerful tool to reduce the inflammation and toxic exposures now linked to breast cancer.

With BPA free packaging this tea remains a strong fresh product that I continue to welcome in my life.

For some unexpected and exciting ways to incorporate this tea into your life do watch the video below.


The Blog of Author Shaahin Cheyene said...

Awesome post! I love this tea! Thank you for sharing.

teanaga said...

Wow this is great new. Thanks for sharing nice information. Benefits of Green tea-teanaga can be used for several reasons like it is massively used to reduce weight of a human. It contains polyphenol which has the ability to dissolve triglyceride which is mainly responsible for excess fat in body.