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Friday, December 6, 2013

Breast Cancer and the Seralini Retraction

At the radiation center where I had my last two radiations the majority of patients were attempting to eat organic.

These people working on recovering from cancer knew instinctively that food with chemicals was a danger to their healing.

For myself I had worked out that the prevalent exposures to pesticides and herbicides was the one thing I was unable to control where I was living.

After my third separate breast cancer I moved from the apartments where these chemicals were part of the accepted way of living and decided to live the new way I have documented on this blog.

The current controversy over the Seralini extraction is distressing to me as a breast cancer survivor as I know what he is saying is truth.

It is the same feeling I had when I was living in the apartment block.

No one wanted to face truths because it meant making changes to how they lived.

As an adjunct to this short blog post I would like to add four people from this small apartment block have since had cancer and two have died.

It can be hard changing but for a healthy world changes are going to have to be made.

To me Monsanto's voice is that of the old, and Permaculture is the new,

Permaculture renews soil biology naturally and grows healthy strong food.

We have seen what happened to Seralini's rats. Monsanto may want us to look away but we have seen and we understand what is happening.

Now we need to look at ways forward that give all a chance at health and a caring way of living.

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