Monday, December 2, 2013

Finally Food Bounty in Food Forest

It has taken time but finally my food forest is beginning to show  the potential that will be its future.

The small mango I brought at an organic market as a seedling is not only growing well but producing its first mangoes.

 Although late in the season still a few papaya on the tree rescued from an abandoned garden.

The struggling lemon tree a gift from  the local council at the opening of the local community garden has its first lemons this year.

While the cherry guava I nurtured from community garden seed also has its first fruits.

The yellow passion fruit vine which now meanders around all the trees and garage at the bottom of my garden is looking promising for an abundant harvest.

The rose apple tree another council gift is finally fruiting and my pepino vines continue to soldier on giving delicious purple striped sweet melons.

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