Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Work Morning Varsity Lakes Community Garden

Wednesday morning at Varsity Lakes Community Garden is a busy working morning where members work together to create food abundance.

Today one of the tasks was deep watering. There are showers falling but with the heat of February and drying winds the ground is very, very dry.

Our President shared the task of watering the back fence line where  Jaboticaba, Brazilian Cherries, citrus, banana trees, passion fruit and papaya are among the numerous fruit plantings.

The choko vine on the trellis needed a good drinks as well. 

The Cherry Guavas are looking abundant.

 Bamboo poles make a great home for  native bees.

These small blue berries are an edible native plant, wish I knew the name.

Waste is added to the compost bins and today the project was adding three new raised wooden beds to the garden for the growing of pumpkins, melons and potatoes. Lots of soil was shoveled into these.

There is always a new project happening at the garden and next Wednesday morning a talk will be given on sustainability organized by our new members from Kalwun.

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Bangchik and Kakdah said...

it's always marvellous when community come hand in hand on gardening adventure.... nice.