Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Individual Styles Create Community Garden Food Abundance

Individual gardening styles create diverse abundance at Varsity Lakes Communilty Garden.

Flowers in the garden above bring in bees which pollinate the fruits and vegetables.

A productive asparagus bed is a feature of this second garden plot.

My own garden bed is full and the plants include tomatoes, beans, Ceylon and Brazilian spinach, peppers, yacon, sweet potatoes, eggplant, squash and garlic chives. Always something here for my dinner.

Lush coco yams and New Guinea spinach feature in this garden.

A creative scarecrow provides an anchor for cherry tomatoes below.

Newly harvested sugar cane, mixes with a variety of sweet potatoes and peanuts in this patch.

Edible flowers create a colorful border for a diverse range of foods including basil, tomatoes and melons.

A medley of styles creates abundance and a wide range of organic, fresh, nutritious food. 

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