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Monday, April 28, 2014

Renewing the Food Garden

Finally a cool edge to the weather is making
time in the garden a joy.

Here is the food forest area after a day of work breaking down the organic sugar cane bails left on the surface last year and spreading them over the garden.

Mushroom compost and cow manure had been spread around the garden area and rock dust sprinkled around as well.

This area was affected by the fire next door so renewing the soil has extra importance. 

The Moringa or Miracle tree is still a favorite with its soft lacey leaves and some of these leaves will be added to tonight's salad.

The mulberry tree has found its perfect spot but some of my other plantings have been moved to new areas which feel more right for them.

Was hoping for  a ripe passion fruit to a fall on the ground but did not happen today.

They are so sweet when they are naturally ripe. I always wait for them to fall to the ground.

Nothing like the good feeling a day of working to heal our earth brings. It renews both the body and spirit.

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