Thursday, April 24, 2014

Staying with the Sustainable Dream

With the first lemon about to ripen and straggly red geraniums sitting in the hot spot along the house the sustainable dream persists.

It has been a long, and at times dramatic summer with storms and persistent heat but somehow the plants have survived and in some cases like the moringa or miracle tree flourished with their nutritious leaves adding a flourish to many a meal.

Now with finally cooler nights, washing drying in the sun and the trees abloom with passion fruit the dream once more has life.

Many days of watering after hot, hot days accompanied by dust and noise from building next door replacing the home destroyed in the fire inferno of the previous year have made this an endless summer. But the dream lives on and now it is time to get out, renew the soil again for the autumn plantings, and to reap the abundance of staying with the dream of what can be.

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