Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Young and Old Work Together to Heal Our Earth at Varsity Lakes Community Garden

Another busy Wednesday morning at Varsity Lakes Community Garden. While Vanessa from Gold Coast Permaculture introduced Permaculture to the uninitiated outside garden maintenance was in progress.

The back garden area was being mulched using wood chips from local tree cuttings, and the potato beds required watering.

Over at the Mandela area further mulching was in progress, while work was underway on the raised beds.

After the introduction to Permaculture time to socialize and be inspired by the garden's abundance.

  Here is my own patch at the community garden with my newly constructed bean pole. New curly kale plantings at the front, eggplant, Brazilian Spinach, Yacon and Broccoli at the back. Sweet potatoes at the side are currently in the process of being harvested. Love to eat them fresh from the garden.

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