Monday, June 30, 2014

My First Published Novel Contrite Hearts

Thirty years after I sat down and wrote my first novel it is finally published.

This book which I have called Contrite Hearts was a labor of love written a page at a time each evening after work.

So far all have enjoyed it and some readers have even told me they could not put it down.

In short Contrite Hearts is about three women of the eighties. They live very different lives but become connected through studying the same course. As they struggle with personal issues their friendship grows, and each life changes in unexpected ways.

It can be purchased in paperback at Createspace and Amazon where five star reviews are already coming in.

It is also available as an ebook at Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books, Apple iTunes and Inktera.

You can also access my book with your Scribd subscription. 

It was completed about ten years before I had my first breast cancer diagnosis and while I prepared my type written manuscript for publication on `Word' I became aware of what a different world the early eighties were to the socially aware environment of today.

There were no aids, mobile phones or computers and corporate power and aspiration were rife.

Yet many women brought up in the sixties and seventies were torn. They had been brought up with values and dreams based on social mores which the easy availability of the pill had well and truly shattered.

An atmosphere of self indulgence dominated and yet women had not yet been fully liberated.

Today's young women would find it difficult to understand just what an uneven playing field this era was for women.

Germaine Greer had just published `The Female Eunuch' but the male sense of self entitlement was still a dominant force particularly in the work place.

I found revisiting this novel helped me understand the eighties and how they influenced the lives of many women of today.

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