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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sustainable Organic Backyard Food Supply Antidote For Climate Change

My antidote to climate change is to work on creating a sustainable and organic backyard food supply.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the weather, growing reliable plants keeps me feeling I am doing my part to create a better future.

Learning how to strengthen the soil and which plants grow strong in my garden conditions seems a good way to face an uncertain climate.

The beautiful white flowers of the moringa or drumstick tree are one of my current successes. These trees are so hardy and are now at a stage I can eat their nutritious leaves in my evening meals.

Always adding to the soil with organic matter such as mulch, rock dust, compost, manure and food scraps has taken time but is now beginning to create results, and the food the garden is producing is becoming more nutritious each year.

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