Sunday, June 8, 2014

The True Joy and Wealth of a Food Garden

A food garden is a joy.

My own food garden has been beset by many hurdles a major fire next door which stunned growth and tested my soil's integrity, the inconsistencies of weather, heat and storms, my own lack of knowledge but I have persisted and it continues to bring both food and joy.

This connection with the food you eat needs to be experienced to be understood.

I also know my membership at the  local community garden has shown me many ways of improving my garden.

Permaculture is another important aspect of how I garden and has shown me how soil and the relationship with your land are so important to strong plants.

In short it is a journey in understanding the earth and what it can produce.

My soil was very depleted when I began my garden and it is an ongoing journey to increase my soil integrity, but now as see the leaves of my moringa or Miracle Plant sway against the sun and know they overflow with vitamins, minerals including selenium and protein I can see in its full beauty the true wealth of a food garden.

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