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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

After Breast Cancer I Craved Real Food

Five years ago, one year after my third breast cancer diagnosis I moved to what I planned to make my sustainable home.

Still cancer free I have been reflecting on my journey this week as it is was this week five years ago I moved to my new home

What an adventure is has been and continues to be.

Things have not always gone as planned for example when the house next door burnt down and almost took mine with it.

My garden and house also received damage so it was back to rebuilding but somehow all the trees survived that night and now are starting to thrive once more.

 I had decided to take back my power and renew my body naturally. I wanted land in which I could grow organic food and the doors opened for this.

A community garden starting just down the road at the same time I moved here was the beginning of my lessons in creating food and then a year later discovering the power of renewing the soil with Gold Coast Permaculture who were also beginning their journey on the Gold Coast.

So many inspirational people are connected with renewing our soil, and I am still implementing their ideas and concepts as my own garden begins finally to produce the wonderful food my body craved to become well again.

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