Saturday, July 19, 2014

Generous & Abundant Home Food Garden

My friend Rebecca's home food garden is one of generosity and abundance.

She shares her space and food with friends and locals and a visit to her garden fills one with inspiration to create your own food space.

A walk around her garden is a joy and the visitor leaves with ideas and cuttings to begin their own  journey in food creation.

This visit for example I learned that rocket grows well from old cuttings, and also have a collection of cuttings from the Cape Gooseberry bush to propagate and share with my community garden members.

Also thanks for the wonderful pumpkin Rebecca and I am hoping the rotting pumpkin you gave me to plant will develop into a plant of the strength of your own wonderful and prolific pumpkin.

The results of successful composting are also evident in this garden and motivates the visitor to work to create strong soil from which this abundance is created.

The raised gardens are an innovation but are a great way for all to grow vegetables in any space.

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