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Friday, August 8, 2014

What I Did After Breast Cancer??

After my first breast cancer my employer did not give me back my position.

While I waited for them to decide what to do with someone with doubtful health I sat in my small apartment beside the beautiful Gold Coast Beach and wrote a novel.

I have just been preparing this manuscript for publication.

This was back in the nineties when the Gold Coast was known for its colorful living.

As the beautiful waves broke nearby I typed with vigor a book that reflects the racy, ambiance of the time.

I have named this work `Redemption Towers' and revisiting the manuscript was for me revisiting that time, the mood and pace of the Coast.

Feeling sad to actually be near completion, so love my dynamic, naughty characters battling to stay on top, so far from redemption and always near by the endless surf.

Such fun to write after the endless grind of cancer treatments. Do hope will be as much fun for the reader .

Out soon.

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